HIGHLAND GLORY - Forever Endeavour

Highland Glory - Forever Endeavour

13 songs
65:05 minutes


It all started with a Norwegian classic metal act called Phoenix Rising that released two records before they split in 2001. The singer left and was replaced by another. This had such a big impact on the band that they decided to change the band name and the style.

Highland Glory are a very traditional melodic power metal band. Forever Endeavour is their second CD and it offers nearly everything you would expect. Fast and melodic songs like the opener Spirit Of Salvation and Demon Of Damnation, the album's fastest track. Epic tracks like Break The Silence and metal hymns like Surreality shouldn't of course be absent on Highland Glory's song list. And let's not forget the mandatory ballad The Sacrifice, with female guest vocals, of course. The only song which really isn't so bad is the title track. Although it contains enough true metal elements, it's more experimental and some parts of it remind me even of Nevermore. The worst thing about this record are the high pitched vocals by Jan Thore Grefstad which are more often than not very annoying.

It seems that Highland Glory don't have enough talents to get compared to established power metal bands like Brainstorm, Edguy or Sonata Arctica. But I still haven't mentioned the three bonus tracks on Forever Endeavour which all are cover versions. There's a good version of Kiss's Love Gun, a fabulous version of Iron Maiden's The Trooper and a nearly godlike version of Wasp's Wild Child. Maybe Highland Glory should consider to stop playing their own songs. They are really entertaining at covering metal classics and should become a party band playing at weddings, child birthdays and other family occasions.

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