HI-LO & IN BETWEEN - The Lonely Bird

Hi-Lo & In Between - The Lonely Bird

11 songs
40:00 minutes
***** ***
Beste! Unterhaltung


I feel like resorting to a cliché when I once again write about a Finnish band and its stoical character, but the quintet Hi-Lo & In Between is certainly no exception to the rule. This only goes for the music though, because they are quite busy when it comes to working in the studio. Only founded in early 2007, the debut came out already in the middle of 2008, followed now two years later by the second album. The band has also been ceaselessly playing live shows.

Located musically between Finnish folk and country, the band adds to the usual instruments string arrangements, accordion and mandolin. The music may sound on the surface anything but exciting and is loaded with melancholy, but I find myself still strangely enchanted. Maybe this is due to the currently very hot summer weather, because I get the impression that the songs on The Lonely Bird would work perfectly as the soundtrack for some dried out desert town. The music is very quiet, inviting you to chill out. The band doesn’t seem to lose its composure and yet there is no trace of boredom to be discovered. Only two tracks (Looking Good, Feeling Bad and The Sparrows Are Flying Away) has them fiddling faster, and I am certain that with the help of a couple of beers, you’d feel all of a sudden like dancing.

The Lonely Bird definitely has enough potential to appeal to a broad audience. Anyone with even only a slight interest in country, Americana, lo-fi or roots rock could see themselves soon as a fan of Hi-Lo & In Between. The music may be rather inconspicuous, but there is much hidden within just waiting to be discovered.

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