HORIZON - Worlds Apart

Horizon - Worlds Apart

10 songs
58:17 minutes
***** **


I vaguely remember Horizon's debut album The Sky's The Limit. To be sincere, I can only recall Lex's mediocre review, and thus didn't look that much forward to their second effort Worlds Apart. Expecting typical melodic power metal, the kind which is literally flooding the saturated market now, I have to admit that I was positively surprised already by the opener Burning Hunger. With a crunchy guitar sound to kill for, Horizon combine the virtues of 80s American shred metal with traditional 70s hardrock European style. With this best of both worlds attitude, the label info sheet made me smile by saying that Horizon is the "old Europe" striking back. As a matter of fact, they are a two piece consisting of the German Patrick Hemer (on vocals and all instruments except drums) and the French Chrissy Friedrich on drums.

You don't have to worry though that two people by themselves can't create a band feeling. Worlds Apart is a hard rock album which is sounding definitely alive, due to the warm and powerful production. Hemer's vocals are melodic yet hoarse, which makes even the ballad When The Night Falls bearable. All in all this is a very courageous album, because you won't hear many melodic hard rock albums with such a brutal guitar sound. Checking the band's website, you will soon understand that these guys have a very broad musical horizon (thus the bandname), listening to everything from jazz rock to death metal, and even though their own music isn't that eclectic, they manage to find their own sound in a genre that I thought was much narrower. All too often daring bands have been punished in the past by a lack of risk taking by their potential customers. If you are into melodic heavy metal, do consider listening to this surprisingly refreshing piece of music. You won't regret it!

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