HORSE THE BAND - A Natural Death

HORSE The Band - A Natural Death

16 songs
55:45 minutes
***** *****


Some people consider heavy metal as well as videogames their hobby, but only few combine those two activities. One of these exceptions are the Nintendo core pioneers HORSE The Band who impressively show on their third album A Natural Death how intelligently and diverse one can combine metal aggression with Gameboy beeps and blips.

The cover artwork hints already at a rather raw approach, but those who expect a constant confrontation between grind attacks and electro beats will soon see otherwise. HORSE The Band have incredible technical capacities, on par with their just as tremendous sense of humour. The five Californians attempt per song several musical directions, delivering from such different elements as industrial, thrash, metal, metalcore, emo and much more. This is combined with Nintendo sounds, at times more upfront, but then also sometimes more decently in the background. There are no weak moments on A Natural Death, but I’d still like to point out the monumental New York City which shares its intensity with Neurosis. The poppy Sex Raptor is equally amazing, reminding me of Arab Strap, which means that there are no metal moments on this track. The nearly eight minute long I Think We Are Both Suffering From The Same Crushing Metaphysical Crisis (the title alone justifies the length!) is perfect modern metal with lots of breaks in a tradition of Fear Factory.

The album is full of surprises and never even comes close to boring the audience in its nearly one hour running time. You’re even disappointed when it’s over, but there is always the remedy of pushing the repeat button.

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