HOSPITAL NEON - Numbers On My Skin

Hospital NEON - Numbers On My Skin

4 songs
20:30 minutes
***** **


Numbers On My Skin looks like the debut EP from Hospital NEON, but the duo consisting of PNDC from Serbia and Housework from Greece have been collaborating on many releases since 2006. They probably thought it’s time to give their common project a name, to give it more of a band feeling. And truth be told, despite living many miles apart, the two artists manage to come up with quite a homogenous sound on this first record under their new name.

The four songs are located in some new wavish indie rock universe, with the bass guitar always presenting an unmistakable beat, while there is also plenty of room for electric guitar and drums. The keyboards take this time a minor role, although there are still a lot of effects to give the sound its well known strangeness. The vocals are subdued, nearly hushed, giving the ensemble a certain Eighties feeling not unlike Nick Cave but also Morphine. The EP starts with two quieter tracks, before Rants allows the duo a one-off to come closer to a garagy rock band. The concluding hypnotic The Accountant also has its moments, but with its nearly nine minute running time, it proves to be a little too long for its own good.

But let’s not easily dismiss Hospital NEON. This newly created band is certainly on the right track to finding its identity, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we heard from them more in the near future. Keep your ears open for further adventures from this Serbian-Greek collaborative duo!

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