HOTTNESS - Stay Classy

Hottness - Stay Classy

10 songs
39:08 minutes
***** ***


The Hottness, a five-piece from North Carolina, plays on its debut Stay Classy a sizzling mix of metalcore, punk and Southern rock that couldn’t be any hipper.

Sweeping guitar riffs, mighty beats and able interaction of melodic and angry vocal parts offer everything a teenager can wish for. Add to this a powerful production that underlines the band’s talents! In fact on many tracks, the band uses the melodic/aggressive dynamics which are quite popular at the moment, and also handled by their label mates blessthefall and many other bands. Three tracks are catchier and have definite hit potential. Especially the harmonic The Ghost is extraordinary. Classy sees the band flirting with Biohazard sounds, and Trashy is, despite its many brutal moments, the most Southern sounding song on the album. Towards the end, the CD becomes more aggressive, which fits the band well. The hidden bonus track She’s A Riot might as well have been among the regular songs on the album. It would have made more sense to list it as the eleventh track.

The Hottness are an aspiring band that has the potential to distinguish themselves from a flood of similar bands. I would probably be even more amazed if I were only half my age, but I have to attest that the guys do their thing consequently, making me wish them success. The only question that remains is why they spell their band name with two T’s. Maybe they are so hot(t) that they are afraid on of the letters might spontaneously combust.

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