HUME - We Are Hume

Hume - We Are Hume

7 songs
28:50 minutes
***** **


I really hated Hume’s performance at the Emergenza festival in 2003. They were a new band back then, and certainly knew more about philosophy than about cohesive songwriting. Four years later, they threatened to send me their new seven song album, but the fact that it was recorded by Charles from Holy National Victims, and mastered at BluMasterBox in Germany, was incentive enough to give it a try.

The first two songs show a matured band that has a talent for crunchy hard rock sounds, reminding a bit of HNV coincidentally. The following What We Are Living For seems inspired by Eternal Tango, who have popularised the term Dudetown for Dudelange. Again a coincidence, as Hume’s label has the same name? Hume even take pride in the fact that Eternal Tango guitarist David calls them a hobby band.

Another highlight is Coming Home, sung in German, probably because the band studied in Germany. This all sounds like a band not yet knowing what they want to do, but with a running time of half an hour, it is a tremendously varied album, with many strong points (songwriting, production, diversity) and apart from their thieving, you can only blame the vocals that sound a little thin on the more melodic parts.

What I like most about Hume is that they are very good at evaluating themselves, making this a fun hobby album without any pretension. And with most of the songs even sticking in my mind, they did something with this unexpected little gem that so many of their local peers failed at: catching my attention and making me want to listen to the album again and again. If they improve the vocals and find a way to combine more homogenically their ideas, they could become one of the really good bands from Luxembourg.

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