HUNTRESS - Spell Eater

Huntress - Spell Eater

11 songs
46:46 minutes
***** ***


If you take a closer look at Huntress vocalist Jill Janus, you’ll know instantly that the band name fits perfectly. But Huntress are more than just eye candy! Strongly rooted in the Eighties, the band has quite a lot to offer. Despite coming from sunny California, Huntress sound uncannily European. Founded in 2007, they have now, after a string of demos, released their first longplayer Spell Eater.

The album title hints already at an occult dimension, and Mercyful Fate may very well be counted among the band’s major influences. The album starts with the title track which instantly offers rustic, gloomy metal. Jill Janus’ jaded voice is the focal point of attention, which definitely isn’t a mistake. Her vocal range reminds of metal Valkyries like Doro Pesch and Jutta Weinhold, guaranteeing that fans of the blissful Eighties will get their money’s worth. The four musicians don’t stand back though and also deliver the goods. The guitar riffs are certainly not unfamiliar with the NWOBHM movement, and the rhythm section is also doing a solid job. I suggest you check out the album’s first single Eight Of Swords which is metal just the way it has to sound. The following Arabia is another highlight, where Ms Janus is straining her voice in a way that reminds of King Diamond. The last regular track, The Tower, is a great hymn that gives the record a worthy finale. The bonus track The Dark is a poser metal parody and shows that metalheads do have a sense of humour.

Metal definitely can’t sound any more old-school. Not only the songwriting sounds as if it came from thirty years ago, but the somewhat thin production adds to the music’s authenticity. The band consciously avoids any superfluous effects and thus manages to have every nostalgic metal fan’s heart beat faster. It’s nice to hear that Huntress have more to offer than just an incredibly attractive singer. Keep your ears and eyes on this band!

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