HURTLOCKER - Embrace The Fall

Hurtlocker - Embrace The Fall

10 songs
36:11 minutes
***** ***


Napalm Records is normally an address for gothic, power and black metal music, so I was more than a little surprised when Hurtlocker opened their second album with the uncompromising thrash attack I Am Napalm. I don’t know if that song is a nod towards their label, but their untypical music is refreshing from the start. Of course nowadays it is hard to circumvent the metalcore genre, and even Hurtlocker borrow some elements of that popular genre, but basically they play straight old school thrash metal which is reminding me a lot of Slayer. All ten songs are rather fast, very concise and never longer than four minutes.

Embrace The Fall My seem a little short for today’s standards, but then nobody ever complained that Reign In Blood was barely half an hour long. The fun with this Chicago four-piece is their relentless approach towards thrash metal. True, there are occasional metalcore or death metal moments, but overall it’s thrash metal the way it was popular in the Nineties, in a way that probably only American bands could handle. Remember Exhorder, Wargasm, etc.? That’s exactly the sound you are getting here, maybe a little faster and even more aggressive.

This may not be the most original album in the world, and sometimes it lacks a bit variety or songs that will stick with you, but Embrace The Fall is eventually a very entertaining album that is more refreshing than all those hyped bands that claim for themselves to have reinvented thrash metal. It’s a very untypical album for this label, but one they certainly do not have to be ashamed of.

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