ILL NIÑO - Epidemia

Ill Niño - Epidemia

10 songs
37:25 minutes
***** **


New Jersey based band Ill Niño don’t need any further introduction. Founded in 1997, they released their first album Revolution Revolución at the dawn of the new millennium. This was followed quite regularly at two year intervals with new records, culminating now in their sixth one simply titled Epidemia, with the band hoping to get back some of the success of their first three albums.

However Ill Niño don’t try in the least to set new impulses. No matter how clever they are acting, the emphasis still lies on groovy nu metal. In doing so, they skilfully switch between heavy and melodic parts, and also don’t shy away from occasionally more complex patterns. The vocals also provide growls as well as clean parts. Only The Unloved and Escape are two tracks where this works especially well. The band doesn’t neglect its South American roots as can be testified on some tribal percussion moments, most notably on the concluding Invisible People. The eighth track Time Won’t Save You is more mid-tempo and thus strikes a different note. Listening out of context to this piece, one might think this song might as well have come from Amorphis.

All in all I have to admit that Epidemia has become quite an entertaining affair that works from beginning to end. But I also can’t deny that there is a somewhat stale aftertaste considering that the band doesn’t seem to progress. Ill Niño fans can complete their collection without hard feelings, but I remain with the conclusion that more freshness and suspense would have elevated this album to higher levels.

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