JACK FROST - Wannadie Songs

Jack Frost - Wannadie Songs

12 songs
45:40 minutes


Jack Frost from Austria appear to be an established act in the melancholic goth scene. As I never heard of them before and they have already released six albums, this really shows my interest in this kind of music. Listening to the opener Me And Dark And You, you think that this could be a new Fields Of The Nephilim or The Mission album. It doesn't get better on the next song Leaving The Fields. The very deep vocals are pure cliché and disturb the flow of the music. Fortunately the music isn't as unbearable as the vocals are. Some songs suffer from a lack of speed and variation, but other ones have quite strong arrangements, as for instance Forever And Ever and Forlorn. There are also songs with doom elements (The Wannadie Song, The Night) which isn't so bad either. Whore: The Vengeance is a very sad song where Jack Frost try to sound like Nick Cave. I'm not really a fan of those midtempo depressive songs. If Jack Frost were an instrumental band, their songs would be tolerable. But vocals sounding like coming out of a crypt annoy me, especially when the sun is shining outside.

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