JACOB FAURHOLT - Are You In The Mood For Love?

Jacob Faurholt - Are You In The Mood For Love?

10 songs
29:24 minutes
***** *
Slow Shark


Maybe it’s the long winters that make Scandinavians so inclined to play melancholic indie music. In 2005, Danish singer/songwriter left an excellent impression on me with his debut album Queen Of Hope, but back then he was still accompanied by his band Sweetie Pie Wilbur. I never got to listen to the follow-up Hurrah Hurrah which came two years later, but his third album Are You In The Mood For Love? found its way into my mailbox again. Previously signed to Quartermain Records, Faurholt switched over to Slow Shark Records, but I doubt that this has left its traces.

In charge of the songwriting and the vocals, Jacob Faurholt employed the services of Kristian Westergård, formerly of garage rockers The Defectors. He’s playing a myriad of instruments: guitar, ukulele, percussion, tambourine, synth and Kaoss Pad… although the latter has been used very discreetly and might have found its way into A Fish In A Bowl, with nearly four minutes on the CD’s longer tracks. The double bass parts have been performed by Jens Kristian Andersen.

Despite such a multitude of instruments, the record always keeps its intimate atmosphere and rarely allows more than two instruments to be heard at the same time. This reinforces the singer/songerwriter aspect of the music, but unfortunately is also what drains the compositions of their power. Are You In The Mood For Love? starts actually quite promisingly with Our Old Neighbourhood and the aforementioned A Fish In A Bowl, two tracks that come with subdued percussion reminding of a funeral procession. Whenever Faurholt’s vocal delivery is darker, parallels to David Eugene Edwards (16 Horsepower, Woven Hand) are undeniable. If only he cared more for allowing instruments – apart from undistorted guitar – into his music!

Are You In The Mood For Love? bridges the gap between lo-fi indie singer/songwriterism and sad core, and I can imagine that the more emotional inclined music fans will find a lot to daydream to on this record which has become rather short with only half an hour of music. I preferred Jacob Faurholt when he still had a regular backing band. There is no denying that he has a magical voice, but I am convinced that this could have been emphasised by a fuller orchestration.

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