Jacob Faurholt - Dark Hours

11 songs
39:39 minutes
***** **
Raw Onion


It’s been two years since Jacob Faurholt’s last album Are You In The Mood For Love?. Since then he released an EP and a single, moved from Denmark to Berlin and is now back with his fourth longplayer Dark Hours. Written in his living room during last year’s arctic winter, the new album sounds even bleaker than what we have gotten used to in the past. At first this may feel like a barrier, but once you spend some time with Dark Hours, its beauty will reveal itself to your ears.

The bulk of the songs have been recorded by the artist himself, but friends from all over the world (Copenhagen, Reykjavik, USA) helped out by sending in their parts digitally. Like on his earlier albums, there’s a multitude of instruments present, but the arrangements are always spare, the percussion left discreetly in the background and often even absent, leaving the major space for Jacob Faurholt’s frail voice that reminds me of Sophia’s Robin Proper-Sheppard. Another influence might be the later works of Nick Drake. Just like this late singer/songwriter, Jacob Faurholt is an expert an conjuring icy cold moods full of intrinsic beauty. It’s only on the two minute short Medicine where he finds some release with a short cathartic part.

Dark Hours is not an instantly accessible record, but everyone willing to invest time and patience will be rewarded by this elaborate work that should prepare us perfectly for the next winter.

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