JACOB FAURHOLT - Geek Love Is The Best Love

Jacob Faurholt - Geek Love Is The Best Love

6 songs
16:55 minutes
***** ***
Raw Onion


Most artists release their best work early on in their career. Danish singer/songwriter Jacob Faurholt is the fortunate exception to the rule: a regular musical Benjamin Button, his music seems to become more and more interesting the longer he stays in the business. Last year’s album Dark Hours left already a more favourable impression on me than anything preceding it, but then earlier this year, he caught me totally off guard with his exceptional psych pop project Crystal Shipsss.

Geek Love Is The Best Love is a return to his given name, and while the six short tracks on this EP are not as crazy as Crystal Shipsss, the weirdness still left its traces. This can already be heard perfectly well on the opener Spider Alert, the only song longer than three minutes here. Starting with acoustic guitar like a ballad, it doesn’t take long for Faurholt to be joined by his label mate Sam Gray on a very detuned piano. The pace picks up and we are in the presence of something like The Velvet Underground, had they had the outsider charm of a certain Daniel Johnston. So much is happening in this track, and the melody is just spectacular. The following Guided By Voices states in the lyrics that it’s not inspired by the equally named band, but listening to the lyrics, you will make out many references to the Ohio based lo-fi kings. Apart from that, this is a blissful ballad so much more engaging than we normally expect from run-of-the-mill singer/songwriters. Splintered is another ballad, highlighting once again the intimate bedroom recording techniques of Jacob Faurholt. Even though I am normally not a fan of the genre, this Danish artist manages to do away with all the crappy whimsy and focuses instead on real, dark emotions.

Another unmissable highlight is the title track, which is carried by a simply strummed acoustic guitar and an impossibly detuned and freakishly distorted electric guitar, while the vocals lazily add a stellar touch of coolness. Another influence has been the solo work of Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston Moore, who by the way also coined the album title. The EP ends with two more acoustic ballads that despite their undeniable beauty can’t quite achieve the genius of songs number 1, 2 and 4. And still, three impeccable if unlikely soon-to-be classic plus three way-above-average ballads make for a surprisingly pleasant listen. Let’s hope that Jacob Faurholt will continue to deliver such wonderful music to the masses.

This short EP will initially be released digitally, and should be available as a free download on the artist’s Bandcamp site until the end of the year. If you were to miss this grace period, I can assure you that it is still ok to spend money on Geek Love Is The Best Love, so far the Jacob Faurholt’s best record under his own name.

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