JASON BECKER - The Blackberry Jams

Jason Becker - The Blackberry Jams

31 songs
74:00 minutes


Jason Becker used to be one of the most promising guitar players of the late Eighties until he was struck with Lou Gehrig's disease, which now has been with him for a good part of his life already. As Becker isn't able anymore to release new material, he keeps re-releasing old demo material, and after his first collection Raspberry Jams (which I am not familiar with), it's time for a second helping called Blackberry Jams.

Most of the music featured on this 74 minutes long CD was material intended for Cacophony's Go Off album and for solo albums by Marty Friedman and himself. As I fairly well know that music, it's interesting to hear early versions, but the sound quality is so poor that you wonder who will want to buy this record. Many of the songs are plainly unaccompanied guitar solos that are played at a very good level, but the old-tape-soundalike fragments (because fragments is what they are often enough) make it hard to appreciate Becker's skills. At times the music is accompanied by a beat box that is just programmed to keep the rhythm, nothing more, nothing less.

I won't give this album a rating, because it wouldn't be a good one. But if you want to support this artist, you should buy his regular solo albums, the two Cacophony CDs that really rock. Furthermore I recommend very strongly the two Warmth In The Wilderness tribute CDs that give also a very good impression of what Jason Becker's music is about. But get the Blackberry Jams only if you are a collector who needs every single note ever played by Jason Becker.

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