Jeavestone - 1+1=OK

9 songs
40:35 minutes
***** ****
Nordic Notes


Nearly two years ago, I came across Jeavestone’s debut album Mind The Soup, back then re-released by Nordic Notes shortly after their second album Spices, Species and Poetry Petrol. Not familiar with the latter, I was pleasantly surprised by the progress the Finnish self-proclaimed prog’n’rollers have made in the five years since their first longplayer.

It’s not as if Jeavestone have radically changed their approach. They still prefer to focus their energy on concise songwriting instead of indulging in sprawling epics, which explains the short length of forty minutes. But this is certainly nothing to complain about, because 1+1=OK convinces from beginning to end. The album starts unusually with the two-parted, five minute long instrumental Laser Fluxus / Bombus Interruptus, before the strange yet catchy The Tip Reader begins the vocal part of the record. The band has added a certain musical flair to their songwriting, which gives their music a humorous note rarely encountered in the progressive rock genre. The following Future Shock is a more dramatic piece that could come from an early Dream Theater without the metal sound though. Mirror Monologue is another pathos filled masterpiece that can only work with a band whose members have such strange pseudonyms like Jim Goldworth, Mickey Maniac, Tommy Glorioso, Kingo and Angelina Galactique. Hot Summer Fun, already released as a single, is a weird oriental flavoured reggae rock track you would hardly anticipate on this record. Jeavestone continue to show off their variety of styles: Do It Right is a short rocker, Factory is a bizarre Beatlesque trip, and then the album’s highlight Senseless is musical prog at its best, not unlike the songs on legendary Finnish prog band Wigwam’s album Being from the mid-Seventies. 1+1=OK ends with the nearly six minute long, more classical prog epic Poet’s Eternity where Jeavestone pay their tribute to their heroes King Crimson and Gentle Giant. Coming with flutes and a saxophone part, this closer starts as a mellow ballad gradually building tension before ending in a rousing finale.

Progressive rock is a genre with too many bands limiting themselves to copying the recipes of the masters. Jeavestone are fortunately brave enough to add their own twists and turns, and come up with something refreshingly tasty. 1+1=OK is a prog rock album preparing for the upcoming summer. If this band continues to improve so dramatically, they will have a huge future ahead of them.

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