JENS FRIEBE - Vorher Nachher Bilder

Jens Friebe - Vorher Nachher Bilder

12 songs
40:19 minutes
***** ****
What's So Funny About


On a label compilation by What's So Funny About a year ago, my favourite track was Wenn man euch die Geräte zeigt by Jens Friebe. In mid 2004, he has finally released his debut Vorher Nachher Bilder. On the album, there are two different versions of this song where Jens Friebe sounds as sad as Rio Reiser. Although they are the album's absolute highlights, the remaining ten pieces underline why he deserves a place among the most interesting German singing pop artists. He shows that it is still possible to write intelligent pop songs. The album contains lots of synthesisers, and songs like the opener Gespenster or Star are influenced by eighties wave music or even some Neue Deutsche Welle. But he's also able to write faster and more catchy tunes like Bring mich zum Wagen or Körper. Finally there are sadder tunes like the aforementioned Wenn man euch die Geräte zeigt or Dann sagst du Auf Wiedersehen. The most fascinating item on this album is course Jens Friebe's voice. It doesn't matter which song you are listening to, it's always sounding so melancholic and lethargic, and he’s always succeeding in creating an emotional sound.

You should also take the time to listen to the lyrics. There are of course some love songs like Dann sagst du Auf Wiedersehen, but most are about less pop like themes. Gespenster is about keeping a relationship alive in the cyber-age. On Wenn man euch die Geräte zeigt, Jens Friebe deplores how difficult it is to change political idealism to concrete actions. My favourite lyrics are in Deutsches Kino, surely no praise for German movies.

At the end, let's mention that Jens Friebe was discovered by Blumfeld and after only one first record, he seems to be ready to dethrone his mentor.

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