Jonathan Schlei - Weger

10 songs
32:43 minutes


It’s not happening a lot that we review a hip hop album, but considering that I received a copy of this album at this year’s Pop Up in Leipzig, I might as well give it a go. Jonathan Schlei doesn’t only look like the German comedian Atze Schröder, but he also seems to have a strange kind of humour. This can be heard on his cynical and satirical lyrics which condemn today’s society that only likes to consume and party. This critical attitude is also reflected in song titles like Kann nur die füttern, die satt sind and Rap Esthetic.

The music is unfortunately less entertaining than the lyrics, at least in my opinion. Jonathan Schlei’s hip hop and rap music should not be compared to that of other German bands from that genre. The music is less solemn than Söhne Mannheims and Xavier Naidoo, but it’s also less based on real instruments than Das Auge Gottes. For Jonathan Schlei, the vocals seem to be much more important than the music. Most of the time, they are easy to understand if you exclude Erscheinung Gottes because of a steady echo effect. He isn’t afraid of using bad language, although he still is a choirboy compared to Mahatma Hitler. The music plays a lesser role and is kept at a minimalist lo-fi level that only seems to provide a background for the vocals. Only one song has some guitars as a real instrument, but it’s played – probably on purpose – in a lousy way.

The album is not very long, but after five songs, I have to admit that my level of attention sank dramatically. But I suppose that fans of underground hip hop will discover more in his music than I did.

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