Joop Wolters - Workshop

9 songs
33:33 minutes


A guitar player calling his all instrumental album Workshop? People like me who can't even play enough guitar to form a garage band become all sweaty at the prospect of what's awaiting us here. Joop Wolters may be better known as guitarist of Dutch hard rock band Arabesque, although I have to admit I haven't heard of him before. Workshop is then exactly the album I was afraid of. Wolters is great technician, and he also doesn't make the mistake of adhering to one guitar sound only. But then that's also what makes the CD hard to listen, because it really sounds more like a workshop than a coherent album of songs.

I like Workshop best when he's straight out rocking, as Wolters does on Syntology, but then there are a lot of fusion rock songs that cover territory from loungy jazz (Funk It Up) to esoteric new age lullabies (Cross My Heart). The sounds are even interesting, I guess it's synthesized guitar what we are hearing, but 1. it's not really rocking, and 2. even if we like non-rocking music, the drum computers strip away the soul of the music.

Somehow this CD reminds me of Wolters label mate Randy Coven's latest release. I prefer Workshop to Coven's album, as there is at least one song with a really memorable tune (Headstart). I guess this is again one of the CDs that is foremost interesting for practising musicians, and even those will be disappointed at the short playing time of only 33 minutes.

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