JUKEBOX BABY - No Imitation, It's Real Plastic

Jukebox Baby - No Imitation, It's Real Plastic

12 songs
36:42 minutes
***** **


Jukebox Baby, formed in Copenhagen in 2001, have really chosen a witty title for their debut CD. The cover underlines perfectly the album title. As if name and artwork weren't enough, even the sound is a flashback musical return to the wave and electro Eighties. This is combined with other styles like punk, guitar rock, triphop and even some bigbeat. The result is of course very unique which Jukebox Baby themselves like to call rockelectro. Sometimes they fare very well, but unfortunately don't succeed with every song. While the opener E Morbido is wonderful Japanese inspired lo-fi pop à la Stereo Total, A Kiss Drops Twice is just a boring and sterile song lacking exciting moments. But my general impression is however positive. Especially the versatile use of the vocals which include many different inspirations (Françoise Cactus, PJ Harvey, Kim Wilde, Blondie) make this CD very special. The song structures remind me very often of Gary Numan because of the dominant use of synthesizers and the sterile atmosphere. The use of Eighties computer effects is another bonus in favour of Jukebox Baby. This album will never become my favourite record, but it's a more original tribute to the Eighties than other bands did so far.

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