JULIAN SAS - Resurrection

Julian Sas - Resurrection

9 songs
50:54 minutes
***** **


I have never really been a blues fan, and even though silly cover artworks rather intrigue me than scare me away, I had really a lot of anxieties to get this CD into my player. Julian Sas and his band don't look like a promising lot, but with more than ten years in the business, it is nice that their new album Resurrection is far better than I anticipated. Instead of hiring a high-tech studio, the three-piece used an isolated farmhouse somewhere in Germany, brought some recording equipment and worked on their albums for ten days, recording the songs basically live and adding overdubs only where needed.

That was a very wise decision, because the warm sound is what makes Resurrection a rather good listening experience even though those not so inclined towards blues rock. Julian Sas is no genre innovator, you get clearly the impression that he prides himself in quoting his influences like Stevie Ray Vaughn and Rory Gallagher. From adrenaline-fueled boogie rockers to moving blues ballads, Julian Sas known it all, and the CD conveys the impression that we are here in the presence of a very avid live band that, when in shape, can play sets up to three hours. The rather long songs, all running between four and seven minutes, leave enough space for generous guitar work, and were Julian Sas a little more charismatic as a vocalist, I would have really come to adore this CD.

Resurrection is still a nice addition to the collection of every blues fan, I guess, having no real knowledge what these people normally tend to hype. I can imagine far worse than this Dutch guitarist.

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