JUNE - Make It Blur

June - Make It Blur

10 songs
46:26 minutes


Two years ago, I was pleasantly surprised by young emo rockers June’s debut album and stated that they don’t yet have the class of their label mates Silverstein. Two years is a long time, and where I was somewhat disappointed by the latter’s lack of innovation on their new album, June have made everything right this time and have come forward with an uncompromising emo pop album. There are nowhere punk and hardcore moments to be found on Make It Blur, which makes this clear already with the opener No Time For Sense which is an orchestral gem of a pop song. From here on, June nearly sound like a boygroup that can handle real instruments. There are reggae, dance, whatever elements all over the place, and the songwriting delivers short and catchy pop songs that made it probably hard for the label executives to find the perfect hit single.

June are probably even more power pop than they are emo, and Make It Blur shows parallels to popular bands like Weezer, Posies and Foo Fighters. Whiny moments have fortunately been cast aside, therefore you get a dozen songs that underline a ubiquitous melancholy that always leaves enough room for engaging melodies and enough hard guitars to make this still a rock album after all.

Make It Blur is a timeless piece of rock music that uses sparingly modern elements to give it a more contemporary touch, and I am certain that this album will spark some fires even outside the college radio crowds. If this is what commercial music of tomorrow is about, then you can count me in. Even though I still hate the despicable habit of hidden bonus tracks which makes this CD ten minutes longer than it really is.

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