JUNIOR VARSITY - Cinematographic

Junior Varsity - Cinematographic

12 songs
41:35 minutes
***** **


Third album by American emo rockers Junior Varsity, and like many kids who were never athletic enough to make it into the college football time, these five kids from Illinois got emo haircuts, learned to play an instrument and sold a lot of albums while the former football heroes sit at home nursing their sports injuries while facing their new lives as invalids. So much for the happy ending, but there’s of course more to Cinematographic. Junior Varsity most of the time play crunchy emo rock that works fine but lacks a bit identity. Apart from the acoustic guitar and cello instrumental Memory Made Easy, there are no real flaws on the album. It’s only when the band becomes playful like on the driving St. Louis or on the swinging soulful title track, where the keyboarder switches over for the saxophone, that you notice how much potential this band has when they dare to leave the trodden path.

Cinematographic is an above average rock album with a lot of hit potential and an unspoken promise that if they just dared to leave some emo clichés behind, that they would become one of the real innovators of the genres. Until then you should check out Cinematographic which convinces with a dozen concise emo pop and rock songs.

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