KAMPFAR - Heimgang

Kampfar - Heimgang

10 songs
47:08 minutes
***** ***


Norwegian black metal band Kampfar made a tremendous comeback two years ago with Kvass, a CD that contained six mostly long and very intensive tracks. Their new and fourth album, Heimgang, starts with a three minute long instrumental opener, before Inferno surprises as a short burst of old school black metal. Dødens Vee continues in a more moderate mood, although it is clear that the band shed some of its majesty, with the goal to integrate more classical black metal ideas into their otherwise more pagan sounding Viking metal.

The middle of the record contains a bunch of longer tracks, although they rarely cross the six minute border. This way you get more songs and more variety, but otherwise Heimgang lacks the intensity of its predecessor. Kampfar are still firmly rooted in the Nineties, and you will look in vain for elements of symphonic or avant-garde black metal. The production is fittingly bare, the vocals are archetypical screams, the guitars create epic, searing melodies, and in the end you get the impression that this is good music after all. Heimgang is neither offensive nor harmless, but offers a splendid blend between Darkthrone, Immortal and Bathory.

If you like your black metal undiluted, you shouldn’t hesitate for one second. Don’t expect folklore instrumentation or arty attitudes! Kampfar deliver straight and sweaty black metal, the way it was intended from the start. Not quite on par with their fascination Kvass, Heimgang is still more exciting that the majority of likewise bands.

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