THE KANDIDATE - Until We Are Outnumbered

The Kandidate - Until We Are Outnumbered

10 songs
33:07 minutes
***** **


Danish thrash metal band The Kandidate have been founded in 2009 but didn’t lose any time to release their debut Until We Are Outnumbered already one year later. But then these guys are anything but newcomers as one half of the members used to be in Withering Surface and vocalist Jacob Bredahl is probably better known as the former shouter of thrash icons Hatesphere.

Don’t expect pure thrash metal though, because The Kandidate are serving a mix of thrash, hardcore, groove, metalcore and even a little death metal. The band is definitely not offering anything unheard before, but they still manage with their short and snappy songs to catch their audience’s attention. The opener Strength Through Diversity is unrelenting thrash metal full of playful parts, reminding not only a little of Slayer. The same goes for the following Give Up All Hope before Shut ‘em Up shows their groovier and more modern side, yet still with enough grit. The instrumental We Conform To The Unrighteous is rather unusual with its droning atmosphere, but works as a welcome pause to take breath. But it’s only a short one, because Live A Lie continues in a straightforward metalcore mood. The last three tracks are also quite hefty and brutal. The continuing level of aggression therefore justifies the short running time of only a good half hour.

Until We Are Outnumbered is a stunning album that excels in many ways: songwriting, instrumentation, production. But The Kandidate have to live with the blame of absolutely not having tried to walk new paths, and consequently don’t sound that much different from Hatesphere. Nonetheless The Kandidate sound fresh and unspent and are definitely worthy to be kept on your radar for future releases.

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