KATRA - Beast Within

Katra - Beast Within

12 songs
49:08 minutes


Gothic metal is very popular at the moment. If the band is fronted by a woman, it can only be an advantage. Now try to sound exactly like Nightwish, and you a certain to follow the trend. Finally come from Finland, and nothing can go wrong anymore… Some people really seem to believe this nonsense, or how else can you explain that an embarrassing clone like Katra was signed in the first place?

And the CD doesn’t even start that badly, even if it’s clear from the beginning that originality is none of the band’s priorities. The combination of Nordic folk, pathos and nice melodies is done flawlessly, but less tolerant people should already wonder now if it doesn’t make more sense to unpack the old Nightwish CDs instead of listening to these copycats. But I decided to give Katra a chance nonetheless. After the third song, the songwriting patterns become more and more repetitive, with the tracks losing their power, the listening became quite unbearable, making it all sound more like a soundtrack for some princess movie aimed at elementary school girls. The only successful exception is Flow, where oriental sounding vocals add a little variety, although again the idea is anything but new.

I hope that there is more potential to the band than they are showing on this debut album, and guess it’s their lack of experience which made them choose this apparently safe road. Vocalist Katra Solopuro has a skilled voice that also doesn’t falter in the high registers, and her musicians are also good at what they are doing. The guitar sound especially knew how to please. Now they only need to search for an own identity to make their future look more promising.

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