KELLY KEELING - Giving Sight To The Eye

Kelly Keeling - Giving Sight To The Eye

11 songs
54:00 minutes
***** *


Kelly Keeling used to be a member of the 80s glam band Baton Rouge. I am always a bit anxious when a former hair metal musician comes back into the new millennium, especially when it's somebody who never was that popular in Europe in the first place. In the meantime, Keeling was a member of Blue Murder, King Kobra, co-wrote a song with Alice Cooper, then became the singer for the Michael Schenker Group and Europe guitarist John Norum, did some Guitar Zeus stuff with Carmine Appice, you get the picture. And if his life were a play, this solo album just looks like the finale, with a lot of his past co-workers showing up to do some part or other on Giving Sight To The Eye. With people like Don Dokken, John Norum, Tony Franklin, Kerry Livgren, Carmine Appice and Roger Daltrey doing guest appearances, it is clear from the beginning that you will get an interesting album for collectors.

With so many different people involved, it's also obvious that the CD is oscillating between traditional hard rock la Deep Purple and Rainbow, more Sixties influenced hippie stuff (just listen to the Beatlesque mellotron on Perfect Day), epic pomp (the long Ground Zero not only features Kerry Livgren, but also sounds a lot like classic Kansas), etc.

You cannot say that Giving Sight To The Eye is a boring album, there is a lot of stuff happening, but eventually it all sounds like ideas collected over many years, with some truly inspiring moments, but then also some duller stuff. Fans of good old traditional hard rock will be pleased by this varied album, and will forgive the artist the sometimes uneven quality. Those who expect something more contemporary won't even have bothered to read this review, I guess.

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