KERRETTA - Vilayer

Kerretta - Vilayer

8 songs
44:55 minutes
***** **
Golden Antenna


Although a country couldn’t be further away from where I am writing this than New Zealand, the island nation, best known for borrowing its epic nature for the Lord Of The Rings movie trilogy, has also left its mark on the musical world map with the legendary record label Flying Nuns. That New Zealand has more to offer than quirky indie pop is now demonstrated by Auckland based instrumental dark rock band Kerretta, whose debut Vilayer from 2009 gets now a European release one year later.

Let’s face it: what the three-piece is doing here might as well be described as post rock, although they are far away from the epic grandeur of American bands like Godspeed You Black Emperor and A Silver Mt. Zion. That shouldn’t mean that they are worse, they just sound different. The restrictions of having only three band members makes for a sparser sound which splendidly gives ample room to guitar, bass and drums. The guitar takes fully advantage of having no competition in the lead sector and is playing most of the time wildly imaginative hybrids of rhythm and melodies. The bass guitar is nicely distorted to make for a fuller band sound, while the drums are filling all possibly occurring holes with wild determination.

Kerretta may have shared the stage already with the likes of Explosions In The Sky, but their sound owes also a lot to noise rock and occasionally math rock. The lack of vocals makes it hard to remember specific songs, but overall the band is acting quite ably throughout their three quarters of an hour playing time, intersecting their general unbridled instrumentation with quieter and more introspective moments that add a welcome dynamic tension. Vilayer is a very promising debut that makes us hope for further instrumental dark rock from this band from very down under.

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