KHALI - Khali

Khali - Khali

9 songs
50:46 minutes
***** *
Limb Music

And one more re-release from Limb Music. After Time Machine's Evil, the first part of a not yet finished trilogy, we now get the only album from Khali, which is in fact nothing else than Time Machine members playing under a different name. Khali are modest enough to concede that they play "only" semi-progressive music, and are also heavily influenced by Queensr˙che's album Empire, a very obvious fact you absolutely have to notice once you compare the two cover artworks.

This time though, I don't see why a re-release makes much sense. There is one bonus track, and the album has also been remastered, but the original release is still in print by the well distributed Italian label Dragonheart Records. Label free market competition aside, Khali sound more or less like you would expect after you read their history. You get mildly (semi-)progressive hardrock music that isn't that far away from the more profiled Time Machine, the lyrical concept is set into high-tech surroundings, drawing an uncappy parallel to their label mates Icycore's Wetwired album. Icycore are also an Italian band and somehow an offshoot of the very known Eldritch. Some more free market competition here? To be fair though, it must be said that Khali was recorded already much earlier, in 1999, and still sounds like a good modern melodic (semi-)prog album today.

There are no bad songs on this album, but then there are also no true highlights, and the band is maybe trying a little too hard to sound like their idols, which makes this self-titled album a nice formal excercice, but apart from that we have to wonder with so many superior melodic metal albums, who, apart from the avid Italo metal collector, will actually need this one?

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