Kidcrash - Snacks

7 songs
32:57 minutes
***** ***


Oregon may have been in the shadow of Washington state and Seattle, but a lot of great bands have come from that state’s biggest city Portland: Blitzen Trapper, MDC, Menomena, Quasi, The Thermals, Yacht and many more. Kidcrash consequently don’t disappoint on their new longplayer Snacks and offer a tasteful brand of mathy indie rock, a genre that unfortunately has grown stale lately with more and more bands believing it’s enough to master their instruments, thus forgetting that the songwriting shouldn’t be neglected either.

Kidcrash are laudable exception, as can be heard on the seven songs featured on the CD. The guitars are playing in a freakishly nervous way, the rhythm section lays down a complex carpet, and the hoarse, screamed – but not screamo – vocals fit perfectly the abrasive nature of the material. I can’t say that any song stands out, they even have the tendency to flow into one another, making it hard to discern where one track ends and the next one begins.

But that isn’t a problem here. The sheer virtuosity of the music reminds me somewhat of Karate, although Kidcrash have a more grating approach. Apart from the final track Sleeper Wave which is nearly eight minutes long, the remaining six pieces all lie between three and five minutes, which has the unwelcome side effect in resulting in a really way too short album of only thirty-three minutes running time. Apart from that, everything is hunky-dory in the state of Oregon. Fans of intelligent indie math rock should get their hands on Snacks. The band’s back catalogue can even be downloaded free of charge on their label’s homepage. That’s what I call fan friendliness!

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