KILL THE ROMANCE - Take Another Life

Kill The Romance - Take Another Life

11 songs
44:05 minutes
***** **


After three self-produced demo CDs and an appearance at the Metal Battle finals, Kill The Romance from Finland finally obtained a record deal to release their official debut Take Another Life. Their music is a combination of death and thrash metal with enough harmonic lines. This isn’t of course too revolutionary, but Kill The Romance have done a decent job if you consider the fact that it is only a debut.

The opener I’m Alive is a fast and modern death metal song with a surprising change as the chorus becomes more melodic and draws parallels to Fear Factory. Especially the furious and hectic drumming is a treat for every death and thrash metal fan. The following Prey is even more brutal, but the chorus builds again a melodic contrast to the rest of the song. On Ghost White Coma, you recognise the pattern, but it’s still ok. The album contains eleven songs and not later than now, you wonder if Kill The Romance have gone out of ideas. Surely there is some variation: Inner Cell and Friend can be considered as Linkin Park clones, Trespasser is much more complex and technically structured than the other songs and Dark Filth Water isn’t too far away from a melodic metal band.

There’s no discussion about the technical skills of the five musicians, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to work on a wider song repertoire. There are some good ideas, but they are unfortunately repeated too often. At least, there’s no black-out on the record. As this is only a debut, the chances aren’t too bad that be band will improve and become more mature.

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