KILLTIME - Monsters Behind The Screen

Killtime - Monsters Behind The Screen

12 songs
30:41 minutes
***** ***
Winged Skull


How come an Italian band is releasing an album on a Luxembourgish label? There are many reasons, one of them being that Killtime have been playing live in Luxembourg already many times, and it shows clearly that Winged Skull are trying hard and successfully to get rid of the provincial appeal many local bands and promoters still have.

Monsters Behind The Screen has become a really cool punk rock album, and considering that the three-piece do not only come from a very holy city, but also a very sunny one, you shouldn't be surprised to be presented with twelve short punk rock songs that make you wish that winter was already over and that you could lie topless somewhere on a beach, listening to simple but efficient punk stuff.

Combining west coast sounds with the musical attitude of the Ramones, Killtime aim their art as well at kiddies as at those older among us who have been listening to punk for more than a decade. Smart as they are, they have put the best song, Who's The Girl With The 28 T-Shirt, at the very beginning of the album, but the eleven remaining songs have also quite a lot of attitude, if somewhat less memorable melodies.

With most songs never much longer than only two minutes, this has become a rather short album, but then why should every punk band make hour long albums that become in the end as pointless as what we are used from Rancid. So far the best release on Winged Skull!

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