KING DIAMOND - The Puppet Master

King Diamond - The Puppet Master

12 songs
55:50 minutes
***** ****


King Diamond is a metal legend, and it's always difficult to write about legends. While listening to the new songs on his 11th album Puppet Master, I think that this new CD shows a more imaginative song writing than what King Diamond has done before, but I doubt that the album has chances to become a classic he original Abigail CD. The intro Midnight already delivers an obscure atmosphere and is more appealing than most metal intros. In general this album isn't as heavy as other King Diamond records and the midtempo songs have all been very well arranged, showing King Diamond's obscure and morbid face. There are several songs with female vocals (Emerencia, So Sad, Christmas) which is something unheard yet on a King Diamond album. The only disappointing track is The Ritual, because it's too heavy compared to the other songs. But apart from this flaw, The Puppet Master is King Diamond's best album since Abigail in 1987.

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