KING'S X - Live Love In London

King's X - Live Love In London

19 songs
99:41 minutes
***** ***


King’s X are one of the most established bands in the rock circus. They have been around since 1980, even though it took them until 1988 before they released their debut Out Of The Silent Planet. Since then they have been quite busy and can show up twelve studio albums. Lately there appeared a couple of dubious live albums, which might explain the band decided to finally release an office live document, which comes also in an enhanced version with a DVD containing the same set. The fact that King’s X opted for a European show is hardly surprising, considering that they have always been more popular in the Old World than in their native USA.

The band has every right to be satisfied with this record which starts with the ideal opener Welcome To The Groove Machine. King’s X have always known how to create a mighty groove, and instantly set the listener in the right mood. The tracklist smartly switches between faster and mid-tempo songs, without forgetting to put the classics next to the newer material. Especially Summerland and Over My Head are two of my all-time favourites. Of course everyone will miss one track or another, but when you have such a huge repertoire as King’s X, this is inevitable. The production also struck the ideal balance between clarity and live atmosphere.

King’s X have long since stopped being trendsetters, but their nostalgic fan base will still be delighted by Doug Pinnick’s unmistakable voice and the harmonic choirs that leave even the Beatles speechless. Unfortunately the album loses some of its charm on the second disc where the band is more into improvising, and despite some strong moments, some tracks suffer from exaggerated length.

Live Love In London is nonetheless a must-have for every fan of King’s X. Despite its little flaws, the album has been compiled with a lot of love and meets the expectations.

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