KIRAMEKI - A Fit Of The Jerks

Kirameki - A Fit Of The Jerks

18 songs
51:57 minutes
***** ***


When bands make a good impression with an EP, the question always remains if they will be able to keep up the good work on a longplayer without falling into creative holes. Six months ago, I was pleasantly surprised Kirameki’s six track release Exercises In Style on the netlabel Rack & Ruin. The new album A Fit Of The Jerks is out on a different label, the music is no longer free, but therefore the electronic duo consisting of a Japanese and a Scotsman extrapolates the quality of its fifteen minute short predecessor over the entire running time of fifty-two minutes. Reprising the material from the EP, they have added twelve more miniatures that would best be described as plunderware. Don’t expect any classical songwriting! Apparently the two members are mailing each other song fragments and then build them into something quite unreal. Their source material seems to be unlimited, there are elements of electronica, rock, soundtracks, ambient, experimental, contemporary classical music, jazz and much more.

This is not music in the usual sense, but rather sonic tapestry in the vicinity of Jason Forrest, Negativland and Sublime Frequencies compilations. Kirameki do their exercise with style, as the opener of the album already suggests. Their longplayer proves that they are able to mesmerise an audience with a full set, kidnapping them into a schizophrenic brain where synaptic meltdown is imminent. Mainstream people will definitely feel nauseated here, but fans of daring electronic music and avant-garde with a sense of humour will get a lot of pleasure out of A Fit Of The Jerks.

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