KIRAMEKI - Exercises In Style

Kirameki - Exercises In Style

6 songs
15:27 minutes
***** *
Rack & Ruin


Net labels are a nice way for underground bands to get their music distributed worldwide and freely. Of course that also means that the majority of bands on such like platforms are into wildly experimental sounds that would probably never be signed by someone who wants to make a living off the music. Kirameki are no exception, but that doesn’t mean that their music doesn’t have its merits. Consisting of the Japanese musician _ and the British musician *, the two-piece concocts short pieces that use massive sampling from the most diverse sources (documentaries, video games, music,…) and probably also some sounds of their own. Kirameki don’t reveal much about themselves, prefer to remain in a hazy cloud of obscurity, and that’s ok! At times they craft really spooky atmospheres, like on Bubblecar Pileup which starts with a shaky piano and then turns into dark ambient, making this an ideal example of soundtrack music. Take It Or Leave It on the other hand confronts simple beats with ethereal distortion that send shivers down your spine.

Exercises In Style is exactly what it claims to be. There sound constructions are elaborate, and it would be interesting to watch these guys pasting their songs together. The question is now: will this also work in a full-length situation with possibly longer and even more accessible songs? Maybe that’s just not intended, but if they tried, they could come up with some really exception electronica!

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