KISSIN’ DYNAMITE - Addicted To Metal

Kissin’ Dynamite - Addicted To Metal

12 songs
51:12 minutes


The cover painting of Kissin’ Dynamite’s second CD looks truly droll, and I expected the young Swabians to head into a similar direction as Judas Priest, Manowar and Anvil. Having Udo Dirkschneider guesting on the title track turned my expectations even higher. Their debut Steel Of Swabia from 2008 offered classic melodic metal, so I was eager to hear if the band has improved since then.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. The opener and title track is one of the album’s better tracks. Mr. Dirkschneider acts rather from the background, leaving the band to play classic mid-tempo metal with an Eighties kind of feeling. The band stays true to its retro metal sound, although they head into more melodic territory and are also not afraid of old poser rock memories. Artists like Def Leppard, Saxon, Dokken and Axxis come to mind while listening to the record, and I can’t say that they have even been among my favourites. Furthermore the album contains two awful ballads (High Enough, Why Can’t You Hear Me) that are so gooey that they should actually be made illegal. At times Kissin’ Dynamite put on an extra thick layer of pathos, trying maybe to approach Rhapsody Of Fire, although they never reach that same high level. In The Name Of The Iron Fist and Assassins Of Love are two harder tracks that somewhat elevate the overall impression and prevent the record from becoming a total failure.

Kissin’ Dynamite’s members are mostly not even twenty years old, and it’s undeniable that they are too young to have a real connection to Eighties metal. They may copy the ideas from way back then, but a stale aftertaste remains. Kissin’ Dynamite should continue getting their inspiration from classic metal, but they shouldn’t be afraid of allowing their own ideas to find their way into the songwriting. And most importantly: don’t forget that metal always sounds best when it’s played loud and dirty!

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