KITTY EMPIRE - Peep! Peep! Donkey

Kitty Empire - Peep! Peep! Donkey

10 songs
28:55 minutes
***** ***
Red Can


They have a band name that sounds like the empire of a cute kitty cat from Japan, but their music is speaking an entirely different language. The label info sheet doesn’t reveal very music, so let’s rather have the music do the talking.

And that’s setting the listener nearly two decades into the past, as the curiously titled opener Heavy Metal King couldn’t be further from Judas Priest, but is reminding of noise icons like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr and The Breeders. Kitty Empire’s sound feels very unpolished and is putting a lot of emphasis on low tuned, distorted guitars, although without stringing together feedback upon feedback. Deep bass lines furthermore enhance the sound. Germans had always had a great reputation with everything noise rock, and comparisons to Sharon Stoned certainly make sense here. Some tracks are just plain great, like for instance Meanwhile which is the undisputed highlight on the CD, but also Small Bird Big Beak – a funny allusion to a similarly titled Minor Threat classic – is a classy track. The fun is somewhat interrupted by short, often instrumental, pieces that feel somewhat unfinished. Fortunately they are never long enough to really disturb.

As is already customary for Red Can Records, the album comes as a vinyl record with an accompanying CD for the less analogue inclined. This is a cool compromise that should satisfy vinyl collectors as well as digital minded people. Kitty Empire offer for nearly half an hour excellent and timeless noise rock full of quality that make you overlook their rare weak moments.

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