Knights Of The Abyss - Shades

12 songs
38:00 minutes
***** **


Knights Of The Abyss, a self-described deathcore band, was founded in Arizona in 2005 by the former Job For A Cowboy drummer Andy Rsydam. They started quickly with the songwriting and soon released a self-produced demo CD and their debut Juggernaut on a smaller label. This made Ferret Music open their ears and opted to release the successor Shades.

Knights Of The Abyss have quite an aggressive take on music and lie stylistically somewhere between death and thrash metal, with the vocals even displaying hints of black metal. The changes between fast and mid-tempo parts work impeccably, even emphasising the band’s brutality. Thanks to the excellent guitar playing, one or the other melodic elements manages to creep its way into the music, making their sound even accessible to fans of Swedish death metal.

From a technical point of view, Shades leaves anything but a bad impression, and the dynamic songwriting helps to elevate the band above average. Bound By Heresy, Running Out Of Earthly Wealth and Whorror Storm are only a few examples that underline the band’s qualities, and you’ll be hard pressed to find weak moments. They only come a few years late, in a time where many bands have already successfully embraced these different genres. Shades is still a worthwhile effort that deserves attention. I only hope that the band will try harder to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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