KORPIKLAANI - Tales Along This Road

Korpiklaani - Tales Along This Road

10 songs
42:35 minutes
***** ****


Korpiklaani are one more exciting band from Finland that is spicing tradition folk music with rock and metal elements. Although Tales Along This Road is already their fifth album, it's only the third one published under the name Korpiklaani (they used to be called Shaman before).

This idea surely isn't new, but compared to most folk metal bands, Korpiklaani's music is much more dynamic. The typical rock instruments are couples with accordion, violin, flute and jouhikko (an old Finnish string instrument) which together is creating a fantastic sound. Korpiklaani take care to sound never too traditional which they achieve by playing at times at an enormous speed.

The album starts with the drinking song Happy Little Boozer with an Irish flair. Vškirauta and Midsummer Night are two heavier songs with dominating accordion parts. Tuli Kokko is a rhythmic track with a lot of flutes and the album's only instrumental Spring Dance is sounding like the Munsters theme on folk. The album ends with the two faster songs Kirki and Hide Your Richness which have a speed you would normally expect from Judas Priest.

Korpiklaani are the most original folk metal band around these days. Their songs are diverse, full of original ideas and catchy as hell. If Elškelšiset were a metal band, they would sound more or less the same.

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