KORPIKLAANI - Tervaskanto

Korpiklaani - Tervaskanto

11 songs
42:38 minutes
***** **


Finland’s number one humppa party metal rockers Korpiklaani is one of the most active bands currently around. Formed only back in 2003, Tervaskanto is already the fourth release by the weird six-piece.

Even if I respect the band’s enthusiasm very much, it’s nevertheless regrettable that the new album isn’t too different from their previous works. The cover artwork shows again the strange dude with the elk horns. The music itself doesn’t contain too many surprises. The album starts with the obligatory drinking song, called Let’s Drink, a Celtic tune that is destined to save every drinking party, but somehow it doesn’t manage to attract my total attention. The title track sounds like a faster version of Eläkeläiset and shows more or less the general route which is followed on the album. A typical trademark are the rough vocals by singer Jonne Värvelä. Furthermore there are many fast melodies, fat guitars, accordions, violins and occasional flutes. There’s not a single weak track on the record, but unfortunately the album is too repetitive.

Less ordinary are the calmer medieval Visilahden Veräjillä which is about seven minutes long, the double length of an average Korpiklaani song. Running With The Wolves is an instrumental with a strong traditional touch and the last track Nordic Feast keeps everything the title name promises.

Korpiklaani’s music is probably working better live than on CD, exactly as is the case for Eläkeläiset I already saw live twice. The music makes you drink a lot of beer and if the lyrics weren’t in Finnish, you would start singing along with the band. If Tervaskanto is your first Korpiklaani experience, you are bound to be fascinated. But if you are familiar with their past, Tervaskanto, although a good and entertaining record, will offer you nothing new.

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