KREATOR - Enemy Of God

Kreator - Enemy Of God

12 songs
55:50 minutes
***** ****
Steamhammer / SPV


In the second half of the Eighties, the Ruhrpott thrashers Kreator were one of my favourite metal bands, thanks to classic albums like Terrible Certainty, Extreme Aggression and Coma Of Souls. After a more unusual, thrash free and unfortunately less succeeded album called Renewal (1992), I somehow lost Kreator out of my mind for a whole decade until I received their great live album Live Kreation in 2003.

After so many years, it seemed that they had gone back to their roots and sounded as fresh and authentic as in the far past. The new Enemy Of God is again a masterpiece of Eighties thrash metal. After having listened for a few seconds to the opener and title track, I felt immediately reminded of Slayer's Reign In Blood, a milestone in thrash metal history. I wouldn't consider Kreator as a Slayer clone, but there are parallels, especially the raw vocals and the powerful rhythm section. Without any exception, the songwriting is excellent and I feel like half my age again. The album production is terrific and that is a difference compared to older Kreator records that often lacked a decent sound. It's astonishing how Kreator were able to revitalize old school thrash metal. You get nearly an hour of brutal thrash metal assaults that sometimes get interrupted by acoustic guitar lines to take a break. More melodic material like Voices Of the Dead is hard to find on this record. Enemy Of God has the necessary class to become a timeless piece of thrash metal and could even serve as a good starting point for those who weren't familiar with Kreator so far.

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