THE KRESTARIANS - Take Your Caddy To The Fairway; Or, Roll With Me, Thunder

The KrestArians - Take Your Caddy To The Fairway; Or, Roll With Me, Thunder

9 songs
36:44 minutes
***** **


Loyal readers of this homepage should by now be familiar with the Agrarians, a lo-fi folk duo from Baltimore. In the past they teamed up already with fellow Maryland folk artist Krestovsky, so instead of limiting their collaborative efforts on split-CDs, they decided to record an album as The KrestArians, consisting of two husband-and-wife couples playing their weird brand of music and capturing it all authentically on four-track analogue tape.

Unlike most Agrarians albums, this first longplayer Take Your Caddy To The Fairway; Or, Roll With Me, Thunder does not come as a cheaply self-burned CD-R but as a regular pressed CD. This doesn’t mean that the seven songs (plus an intro and an outro) sound polished. The opposite is true, with the music sounding like a bunch of slightly drunk people locked in a recording studio sometime after midnight, trying to come up with bluesy folk songs that turn out to sound very skewed, are full of distortion, sometimes even too much for my well seasoned ears, but that may be the charm of their music.

Trying to pick out any single song doesn’t make much sense, as the CD subtly unfolds its charm during the listening process. At first you may be shocked by the wrongness of it all, but gradually things start to come into a strange focus, once your mind is able to decipher the melody beneath the brash instrumentation which is mostly dominated by acoustic instruments and many voices, male and female alike, adding their off-melodies to it all.

A fondness for lo-fi is of course needed to tackle this album, but once you’re there, this strange gem will enchant you with its outsider flair.

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