KROSSFIRE - Learning To Fly

Krossfire - Learning To Fly

10 songs
44:24 minutes
***** ***
Pure Steel


Eastern Europe has given us a fair share of metal bands, but I can’t recall ever having heard one from Bulgaria before. Now I have the pleasure of getting to know a first one, Krossfire, from this Balkan country. The band name may not be overly original, but the music is definitely worth your time. The band was founded in 2001 and then took until last year to release their official debut Learning To Fly.

First though the listener has to suffer through a vacuous three minute synthesizer intro before the regular part begins. The first real track, Warmachine, shows instantly that power, progressive and retro (I know this sounds illogical) can very well work together. The songs are enormously powerful, are full of playful details and remind of the big names of the early Nineties like for instance Vicious Rumors, Queensr˙che, Savatage and occasionally Blind Guardian. Over all of this soar the high yet strong vocals that have certain operatic qualities. Something similar has been done in the past by Puerto Rican metal band Dantesco.

Highlights on the CD are the festive title track and the following Touch Of Destiny which doesn’t stand back when it comes to mood. The slightly Germanic tinged Angels Cry might be a matter of taste, but it is still quite entertaining. I only have problems with the concluding ballad The One where a male and a female voice are sharing the vocals, in a rather overdone way though.

Krossfire can pride themselves in having come up with a solid debut album. If you like stomping power metal from the second last decade and also a predilection for playfulness, you probably should invest some of your time into Learning To Fly. The vocals are of course the standout feature and help that distinguish Krossfire from other genre bands. Now they should only work on getting their songwriting more varied, as a lot of their material has a similar recipe.

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