KUNN & THE MAGIC MUFFINS - Don’t Burn My Paradise

Kunn & The Magic Muffins - Don’t Burn My Paradise

11 songs
42:05 minutes
***** *
Winged Skull / Ashcan


Kunn & The Magic Muffins started a few years ago as a new band founded by people with a background in punk and alternative music, so that it was really strange that all of a sudden they were amidst a big band that played their brand of so-called Sunday ska, and that in an era when Luxembourg only knew a bunch of ska punk bands and of course the Toxkäpp which then already had long since passed their zenith.

Kunn’s second album Don’t Burn My Paradise showed already on the release party that they can attract a huge audience, even in a month where so many people depart for their summer holidays. But does their new album do them justice? Partly yes, as you get with the opener Wonderful Day, the title track and Dem People three excellent loungy ska songs that work as real sun magnets. You get music played at a leisurely pace by people who look as if they don’t have a worry in the world. Really a nice job! But then in the middle, the album fails with three consecutive miserable attempts at songs. Kunn Dances Around The World is funfair music of the worst style, which I could have accepted as an interlude, unfortunately it is followed by yet another Interlude Musical, and the following Make Ska Not War as a third instrumental in a row is then just too much. Fire On Babylon with Uranami members on the microphones consoles as the album’s highlight and the only high energy track. There you see what some Italian blood can do to a bunch of Luxembourgers. One more song, and the album ends already with a No Attitudes Dem People dub remix which is ok even if it doesn’t have the intensity of a Mad Professor remix. Then you get a few blank minutes before the hidden track Enfants de la Patrie from the band’s debut album finally concludes the album.

Don’t Burn My Paradise could have been an exceptional ska album, but the quality loss in the middle plus the slightly lazy remixes leave us with only about 25 minutes of new songs that work, and that is just too little in my opinion. If you get this CD, program it to the first five tracks and the two last regular ones, then it sounds at least like an excellent EP.

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