LZ ROCKIT - City’s Gonna Burn

Lz Rockit - City’s Gonna Burn

10 songs
39:16 minutes
***** ****


Although Lz Rockit were never spoiled by too much success, they were nevertheless considered heroes of the US metal scene. Some of their albums have become, at least among insiders, timeless classics although hard to get by today. That’s why Massacre Records decided to release their early works with bonus tracks and a new booklet.

Their masterpiece is without a doubt their debut City’s Gonna Burn from 1984. Like many other bands, Lz Rockit had their origin in the Bay Area, back then a very fertile ground for thrash metal. Despite their name, the songs were less aggressive than what is today commonly understood as thrash metal. This re-release contains the eight regular tracks from the LP, and show a band playing very classical yet powerful heavy metal that should have the heart of every nostalgic metal fan beat faster. Next to the unforgettable title track, you can rediscover the relentlessly driving Caught In The Act and the more aggressive Take No Prisoners, that invite to shout along. Lz Rockit were young and full with the motivation of youth, which made their sound simply uncomplicated. Next to their faster material, Lz Rockit also show talent when they slow down, as on Silent Scream and Dead Man’s Eyes. Their sound actually gets its charm from the unpretentious approach of young innocence. The bonus material consists of two live tracks that could be found on an earlier demo. Further bonus live songs would have made this new version even more interesting.

Those who are into early American thrash metal from the likes of Anthrax, Exciter and Metal Church will get a chance to rediscover this milestone of American metal history. Lz Rockit should finally get the respect they deserve for the last quarter century.

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