LZ ROCKIT - Left For Dead

Lz Rockit - Left For Dead

11 songs
49:38 minutes
***** ****


Although Lz Rockit were one of the more impressionable US metal bands of the Eighties, I initially remembered them for their Dead Kennedys cover version Holiday In Cambodia. Only later I became familiar with their milestones City’s Gonna Burn (1984) and Know Your Enemy (1987), before they called it quits after five albums in 1991.

Imagine my surprise to receive seventeen years a new release from this fantastic metal band. The two founding members Michael Coons (vocals) and Aaron Jellum (guitar) are still active, making Lz Rockit sound as unspent as if the last seventeen years had never happened. You can maybe accuse them of taking advantage of the thrash metal revival, but when the final product is so flawless, this shouldn’t be taken into consideration, especially since Lz Rockit have been among the first generation of thrash bands.

Fast guitars, pounding drums and screaming vocals are the trademark of the well known thrash and speed metal sound they way it was popular in the Bay Area two decades ago. The opener Brain Wash is a great start with great guitar riffs that leaves you wanting for more. Highlight of the album is the following Delirium Void, seeing the band at their most technical. Their comeback album Left For Dead displays their entire repertoire: hectic moments on My Euphoria and Liar, mid-tempo grooves, and even mellowness on Ghost In The Mirror and Erased. Only Turmoil can’t quite achieve the same high level. Apart from that, Left For Dead has become an endearing and accessible affair.

The band members’ hair has become a little shorter, but their fingers haven’t slowed down. Retro metal fans absolutely have to get this great comeback album, but even the younger generation should get something out of this timeless thrash metal album. It’s good to have Lz Rockit back among the living.

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