LZ ROCKIT - No Stranger To Danger

Lz Rockit - No Stranger To Danger

11 songs
46:26 minutes
***** ***


Even harder to find than the Lz Rockit debut is its follow-up No Stranger From Danger which originally came out in 1985. Those expecting proto-thrash as on City’s Gonna Burn might be disappointed, because Lz Rockit opted for a new direction and ended up recording the probably hardest glam album of all times.

No Stranger To Danger is admittedly not the band’s highlight, but still deserves to be found in every comprehensive metal collection. The songs are even simpler than on the debut, but in retrospect their second LP should be watched with a well dosed portion of humour, allowing to also enjoy this more untypical excursion.

I don’t know which devil was riding Lz Rockit but I suppose that they had inhaled to much from their hairspray cans to make them jump on the glam bandwagon. Bands like MtleyCre, W.A.S.P. and Ratt seem to have inspired more than one track on this album. No Stranger To Danger is much more commercial than its predecessor and was probably designed to become a success on the American market, even though this failed to happen. Some castrate vocal parts make you smile twenty-four years later, and the quiet parts on Spared From The Fire might leave you speechless. Only Wrecking Machine which concluded the LP offers pure thrash metal that reminds strongly of Nuclear Assault and Sacred Reich. As on the re-released debut, No Stranger To Danger also comes with two live bonus tracks from their first and last album. They show that Lz Rockit sound on stage much grittier than in the studio, and again one could have wished for more bonus live material.

Fortunately No Stranger To Danger was a one-off in Lz Rockit’s history, and the following album Know Your Enemy convinced again with regular thrash metal.

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