LZ ROCKIT - Nothing’s Sacred

Lz Rockit - Nothing’s Sacred

13 songs
55:50 minutes
***** ***


Massacre Records knows no end to its Lz Rockit re-release mania, and that’s a good thing too! Nothing’s Sacred came after Annihilation Principle and was the fifth and last studio album of the five Californian thrashers before their years long hiatus. The lack of notice with which Nothing’s Sacred was generally punished may have been one of the main reasons why Lz Rockit decided to take a break. Despite all of this, the album contains a lot of treats that should have been heard by quality conscious metal fans.

Nothing’s Sacred starts with the typical Lz Rockit sound that gets the ears of every old school thrash fan pricked open. The band is treating us with powerful thrash metal that rarely comes at high speed, instead is fully packed with dynamics. The structures, although rather simple, are fully packed with catchy riffs and countless guitar solos that underline the band’s Eighties origins. Furthermore Michael Coons is an excellent vocalist with a mighty voice that sounds here more aggressive than on previous records. The album’s highlights are the slightly doomy Nobody’s Child which reminds me a little of Trouble, and Testimonial with parallels to Flotsam and Jetsam. You will be looking in vain for failures, except for the instrumental Necropolis which left me cold.

It’s a shame that Nothing’s Sacred had been ignored by fans and media alike eighteen years ago. One reason may be that thrash metal wasn’t so fashionable anymore in the early Nineties, with grunge taking over the musical landscape. Nothing’s Sacred has now the age of a human adult and has spoken up again. This time people should give it the attention it initially already deserved.

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