LZ ROCKIT - Taste Of Rebellion & Live Untold

Lz Rockit - Taste Of Rebellion & Live Untold

11 songs
51:05 minutes
***** ****


After re-releasing all their studio albums, Massacre Records has now also shown interest in the live outputs of Californian thrashers Lz Rockit. Taste Of Rebellion is a rare recording that saw the light of day in 1992 when the band’s career was already in steep decline. This live album comes with the bonus live DVD Live Untold which came out in 2006, shortly after Lz Rockit’s comeback. My promo version doesn’t include the DVD, which is why the review will be limited to the CD’s contents.

Taste Of Rebellion was recorded in the early Nineties at the renowned Citta in Tokyo, and is delivering exactly what you would expect of a live metal performance. The sound is raw and earthy, emphasising the differences to the studio versions. Overdubs have been used, if at all, only sparsely. Michael Coons’ voice becomes hoarse towards the end, adding to the recording’s sincerity. The live atmosphere has been captured excellently, and the audience’s integration also feels optimally. The band’s major classics City’s Gonna Burn and their Dead Kennedys cover version Holiday In Cambodia are of course included, but their lesser known material, like Leather Face and Curiosity Kills, is also done with verve. The songs feel generally faster than in the studio, but also the quieter, grooving Suicide City comes in an excellent rendition.

This double release, which will be sold as a dual-disc, should be included in every Lz Rockit collection. Until now it was hard to get good live recordings from this band, so that this package is a convenient way to admire the band’s live qualities in sound and image alike.

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